Between Lands – paving a way of how virtual reality can fit in museums

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Between Lands  is an experience that shows a way of how virtual reality (VR) installations can be implemented in museums. The goal of the installation is to enhance companionship by asking a person that is in VR to communicate and cooperate with someone outside VR in order to complete a challenge. The two participants have to collaborate in order to illuminate physical sculptures in the installation place.

What I like about this installation, besides linking a VR and non-VR person to collaborate towards a common goal, is that it manages to create a show for people that don’t participate actively in the experience. When people are playing an ad-hoc audience is usually formed. The audience follows the two players in their quest and they are also delighted by the beauty of the light show that the sculptures create as the players interact with them.

The project debuted at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in December 2015. It was created by Secret Portal, a collective of artists, designers, musicians, coders, and tinkerers who are exploring new forms of social interaction through innovative virtual reality installations.

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