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Gamification in Tourism tool – MaKey MaKey

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First time when I heard about MaKey MaKey was on Kickstarter in the summer of 2012. Here the creators Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum, both MIT graduates, managed to reach their project financial goal of half a million dollars and make the product available for everyone. MaKey MaKey is an... read more

Higher purpose – Banksy’s Dismaland

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Banks’s “Dismaland” is a good example of how to design for meaning by using a theme and the power of stories with a higher purpose in mind. “You got to go in there and experience and think and wonder and maybe get mad or maybe laugh. It’s all here. That’s... read more

Relaxation and tension – Roller-coasters for sightseeing

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When thinking of sight-seeing, roller-coasters might be a good idea to use. In the video a custom-made roller-coaster is used to show potential buyers different areas of a house that is for sale. I think they can be used in a similar way to show tourists around the city together... read more

Call to adventure – Graubünden Great Escape

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The Great Escape by Graubünden Tourism Board is a very good example of how to design a call to adventure for a tourism experience. Designing a similar call to adventure for a real tourism experience might help people reach a destination even if they never thought or intended to visit.