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Epic Llama, radical innovation in the travel industry

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Epic Llama is, from all my research, the first agency that intentionally designs a full travel experience in a gameful way. It is a company that finally does radical innovation in the travel field. The experience it offers plays with surprise, uncertainty and is highly focused on meeting like-minded people. How... read more

Roadtrip – an example of how the future of tourism might look like

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The main economic offering in tourism is represented by experiences that have a promise of being memorable. In the Experience Economy, storytelling is one of the key memorable ingredients of an experience. There are already some existing innovative experiences that show the power of storytelling in action (e.g. Royal Museums... read more

The Memorable Experience Design Framework

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Tourism is extremely accessible. More and more tourists have become very skilled at using search and metasearch engines to find the best price-quality ratio for tourism services. Businesses started to do cost-cutting and automation of their services in order to remain competitive. Cheap and fast access to destinations has triggered... read more

How to Create Transformational Experiences with Film Tourism

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The Quest TV Series is a great example of how to use film tourism in creating a transformational experience for the participants and also help promote a destination. The Quest was developed by a production team who had produced The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Amazing Race and Queer Eye.... read more

How museums design a memorable learning experience for schools

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The Time Explorer Digital Missions of the Hampton Court Palace in London is a great example of how a museum can stage and help teachers co-create a memorable learning experience. The gamified experience links to England’s  national learning curriculum and it is targeted to pupils (aged 7-11) and their teachers. An extraordinary design... read more

How to make a destination memorable with Virtual Reality

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The example discussed here is the use of VR in a guerrilla marketing stunt made by Leavingstone, a Georgian advertising agency. Their experience goal was to promote the beer brand Old Irish in Georgia. Even tough it is an experience aimed to promote a product, I believe the tourism industry and experience... read more