Competitours – Amazing Race for Normal People

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Quite often during idea generation workshops or presentations about Gamification in Tourism, people say that creating something similar or inspired by the Amazing Race should be something that they should implement for their destination or organisation.  For inspiration and further idea generation I would like to showcase this new Gamification in Tourism example, a travel company that does exactly that.

Competitours is an european team travel competition that takes place every year for 11 days. In the competition 11 teams sign up to be part of a race with a mystery itinerary, surprise challenges  and the possibility to win a grand prize of 6.600 dollars. The focus of the race is problem solving so people don’t need to be fit or have previous travel experience to compete.

The mystery itinerary goes through 4 countries and covers 7-8 destinations that are a mix of iconic cities, mountain hamlets, costal enclaves or medieval towns. During the race the daily destinations and challenges are revealed in 12 hours notice. The race is sprinkled with 16-18 unique challenges and surprises that push people out of their comfort zone. The challenges can be grouped in different themes such as: culinary, artisan, myths & legends, mountains, cultural, alpine coaster, labyrinth and castles. There is also a special category called “grab bag” that has challenges that cannot fit in a specific category and players can expect such challenges to appear even during the pre-trip phase.

According to former participants it is clear that such travel experiences leave a very strong impact on them. Their experience validates that game design principles applied creatively in tourism help generate memorable experiences.

Having completed 30 challenges across 4 countries in 11 days with 9 other great teams, I can stomp my foot down with authority that this was hands down one of the most memorable travel experiences EVER. (blog post snippet from former participant, 10 Reasons Why You Should Join Competitors)



  • If there were a company that would do smth like this experience for each client, I’d love to work for them

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