Emotional Guidance – Heart of a King

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Chomko & Rosier is a design studio that focuses on how to create new ways of engagement by using technology. Heart of a King is a new way of guiding visitors designed as a prototype for the Historic Royal Palaces in London. Visitors receive a wooden, heart-shaped totem that places them in the emotional state and footsteps of Charles I on the day when he got executed in 1649.  The guidance can be seen as an experience because the heart acts as a compass that creates a haptic heartbeat which increases in strength when pointed to Charles’ path. By using the compass visitors are able to follow Charles’ final journey that goes through St James Park and Whitehall, finally arriving in front of Banqueting House, the place of his execution where the heart ceases to beat, creating a dramatic ending to the experience.

Heart of a King is  very good example of how to combine guidance with the five senses to create relaxation & tension, familiarity & novelty, surprise and a powerful interest curve of the overall experience.


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