Epic Llama, radical innovation in the travel industry

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Epic Llama is, from all my research, the first agency that intentionally designs a full travel experience in a gameful way. It is a company that finally does radical innovation in the travel field. The experience it offers plays with surprise, uncertainty and is highly focused on meeting like-minded people.

How does it work? You have to select some availability dates from the website, request an invitation (the feeling of being exclusive) by filling in a questionnaire (diagnosing aspirations) and once a confirmation is received you will be part of a tribe (building familiarity). Once you are part of a tribe, you’ll receive clues about where, how and with whom you will have to travel (novelty). At the destination, there are several challenges (flow) you will have to do with the tribe (achievement) and also a lot of time for exploration (autonomy).

What I love about Epic Llama is the fact that it plays with a lot of very strong design elements. All these elements are a good combination for creating a transformational experience and strong friendships. More information here. The company is still in beta and start-up mode so keep your eyes open in the future to how the project evolves.

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