Gamification in Tourism tool – MaKey MaKey

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First time when I heard about MaKey MaKey was on Kickstarter in the summer of 2012. Here the creators Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum, both MIT graduates, managed to reach their project financial goal of half a million dollars and make the product available for everyone.

MaKey MaKey is an invention kit that helps connect all sorts of objects, e.g. an apple, to a computer with the help of alligator clips. Once connected it will replace a key on the keyboard or the mouse of the computer. Thus, the object can interact with any computer program or website. For example with the kit you can easily create an interactive experience for guests such as piano stairs or a banana piano, there is no limit to what you can create.

Besides using the tool for implementing a memorable experience concept, I believe that MaKey MaKey is a great tool to use for prototyping different concepts in a fast and cost-effective way. Moreover, the tool can also be used as an idea generation method having in mind that the kit is fun and very easy to use.

Fore more information about MaKey MaKey and purchasing go here.

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