How to engage and attract guests with beauty

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Aesthetics trigger positive emotions in guests by facilitating an encounter with beauty as art, nature, technology or other humans. Well implemented aesthetics attracts and engages people. Instead of providing tangible rewards to guests it is far more gratifying to offer them beautiful artwork. Each new type of beautiful interaction discovered by them will be a reward in itself.

The examples for this blog post are aesthetic experiences created by Studio Roosegaarde, the social design lab of the Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde and his team of designers and engineers. 
His team merges nature and technology in order to make environments more human and facilitate relatedness. The examples bellow show how you can enhance your destination/attraction/hotel to attract and engage guests by providing them interactive aesthetic rewards.

The Van Gogh-Roosegaarde Bicycle Path is a great example of how to combine aesthetics with the cultural theme of a destination. The bicycle path can be found in the town of Nuenen (NL), the place where Van Gogh lived in 1883. It is inspired by “Starry Night” and made out of thousands of shining stones. The stones charge during day-time, and glow at night for eight hours.

Waterlicht creates a dream landscape that allows people to experience the poetry and the power of water. The project consists of wavy lines of light made by LED technology, software and special lenses.

The Lotus Dome serves as a beautiful reward that enables guests, of a church with not too many visitors, to experience the beauty of the interior by interacting with the heat-sensitive petals of the Lotus.

Dune is an interactive landscape that comprises of large amounts of fibres that brighten according to the motion and sounds of passing people.

Crystal also called the “Lego from Mars” are sets of hundreds of crystals of light that brighten up when touched. The interaction and also different colours that can be generated trigger an endless play potential. Each crystal contains LEDs that are wirelessly charged via a magnetic floor.


Windlicht is a group of wind turbines turned into a light installation. This is done by connecting the turbines with moving laser beams.

More information about Studio Roosegaarde and their projects can be found here.

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