KidZania – one of the world’s fastest growing edutainment brands

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KidZania is one of the world’s fastest growing edutainment brands, with 16 locations across five continents. It is a kid-sized detailed replica of the adult world (7000 square meters) . KidZania is build entirely for kids between 4 and 14 and it enables them to play, explore and learn about the adult world.

This highly immersive world gives children the opportunity to role-play over one hundred realistic adult inspired roles. KidZania also has its own currency (the Kidzos) that can be spent, saved or earned by performing a trade or profession on location. Educators together with global and local brands design the world and the roles to ensure a high level of learning and realism to the experience.

KidZania is a very good example of how to use holistic design, the five senses, co-creation and role-play to create memorable experiences. The College of Wizardry is also a good example of how to use similar principles but for an adult audience.

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