Probably the most mind-blowing immersive attraction in the world

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After I published the book Gamification in Tourism, I started analyzing and exploring designed immersive experiences all over the world. The goal was to find experiences that would leave me in awe and become embedded in my memory. For a very long time, I could only mention a single experience that fit into this category for me – The College of Wizardry. After searching for a very long time, I am extremely happy to announce that I can add another experience to this short list. It is The House of Eternal Return created by Meow Wolf located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.

The House of Eternal Return is an experience-designed indoor space that uses story, art, and psychology to re-model the perception of your senses and way beyond. This imaginative art space is the result of a collaboration of over 100 local artists. As all new immersive concepts, it is hard to describe. The best description is given by the Meow Wolf website: …a unique a combination of children’s museum, art gallery, jungle gym, and fantasy novel. A key learning point to take from The House of Eternal Return is that the experience is designed in such a way that facilitates immersive play for people of all ages. You can come in as a big family, solo, in a group or alone it does not matter. The House of Eternal Return got in the first year of operations over 400.000 visitors.

After visiting, I was so impressed with the experience that I immediately reached out to the co-founders and creative team. I just had to invite them as professors to the College of Extraordinary Experiences. The entire creative team accepted and I can’t wait to be immersed in a learning experience designed by them in Czocha Castle this September.

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