Sher Khan. Google.

Sher Khan is Business Leader for Hotel Ads focusing specifically Africa. Based in Hamburg/Germany Sher is passionate about providing innovative solutions for global and local Hoteliers and OTA’s to drive bookings.Sher has been at Google for over seven years as Sector Head for Channel Sales Partnerships (New York/US) and Head of the German Retail business for Large Clients (Dublin/Ireland). Before Google he worked as Customer Business Development Manager at P&G (Austria) where he managed Pringles, Vicks and Duracell. Sher holds a Bachelor in Economics and Management from Leeds University (UK) and a Masters in Economics from Nottingham University (UK).

Bernhard Brauneder. Amadeus Austria.

Bernhard Brauneder, General Manager of Amadeus Austria Marketing GmbH, is responsible for the business of Amadeus Austria since October 1, 2014. Since January 2016, he is also Regional Manager Southern Europe of Amadeus IT Group. The sales specialist worked more than 20 years in the Lufthansa Group and held several international management positions. Among other things, he worked as Director of Piemonte, Valle d’Aosta, Liguria in Italy, as Director Austria in Vienna and as Director of Baden-Württemberg in Germany. Recently, since early 2011 as Director North Rhine-Westphalia, he held the profit responsibility for the operational management of the sales in Germany’s most populous state with a turnover of around 500 million euros. Bernhard Brauneder, born in Austria, studied Economics and Business Administration at the Vienna University and has an academic degree in polling and market research.

Gila Gfader. booking.com.

Six years ago I started at Booking.com as Account Manager. As Area Manager I was working for 2.5 years in Italy, which is one of the most important travel destinations in Europe. There I was in charge of local office openings and worked together with my team on brand recognition campaigns. Since one year I am back in Austria, where we have meanwhile 3 offices. Our clear goal is to satisfy demand with competitive offers and at the same time exceeding the expectation of our customers.


Markus Gratzer.ÖHV.

Dr. Markus Gratzer is Secretary General at the Austrian Hotel Association (www.oehv.at). The Austrian Hotel Association is the larges voluntary, non-governmental lobbying and service organization for tourism in Austria, with more than 1 300 members including the leading resort-, group- and city hotels.
Dr. Gratzer received a Ph.D. from the University of Vienna. He spent a large proportion of his career within the area of electronic Tourism (eTourism). He worked on several research projects within the Tourism area. His main research interests are business models and competitive advantage in the field of eTourism, Service Design and Customer Experience Management. Dr. Markus Gratzer was previously Director of Research and Development at the Austrian National Tourist Office, Director International Business Development at Tiscover AG and Head of Business Service at A1Telekom.
Since 2015, Dr. Markus Gratzer is a member of the DTN Steering Group (Digital Tourism Network) for the European Commission.

Uwe Frers. Escapio.

Uwe Frers founded Escapio (http://en.escapio.com), the hotel price comparison site for sophisticated independent travelers who are hunting the best hotel for their trip at the best possible price. In 2015 Uwe sold Escapio to MAIRDUMONT, the market leader for tourism-based information in Europe. 2006 Uwe founded TripsByTips, an online crowdsourcing website producing tourism and travel content. 2015 he sold TripsByTips to Expedia and MAIRDUMONT. Before his touristic ventures, Uwe was CEO and shareholder at Finanztreff.de, the leading German stock market information portal. He sold his shares in 2004 to vwd. Uwe is a passionate traveler, online pioneer, hotel lover, speaker and blogger and lives with his wife and daughter in the heart of Berlin.

Wolfgang Pagl.Expedia.

Wolfgang Pagl currently holds the position of Director of Market Management for Eastern Europe at Expedia Inc and has over 20 years of Tourism industry experience. His teams at Expedia are responsible for developing the hotel relationships in 27 countries in Eastern Europe. Before joining Expedia, he held positions at Marriott Hotels and Kempinski Hotels. He is a graduate of the Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotel Management in Salzburg.

Roman Egger. Moderator.

Roman Egger is Professor at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and head of the eTourism department. Roman advises a number of national and international projects in the fields of Information Technologies in Tourism and counsels a number of international eTourism-development activities.