The Crystal Maze Experience

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The Crystal Maze was one of the UK’s favourite television shows in the 90’s. Recently Little Lion Entertainment raised £930,000 on Indiegogo to create a live immersive experience, based on the show, for everyone to experience first-hand in London.

The experience will offer the participants the chance to play the maze just as the contestants of the original show would have. The maze will have several zones: Aztec, Medieval, Industrial, Futuristic and towards the end The Crystal Dome. In each area teams of eight will compete to solve a series of tasks that will challenge their intelligence, physical ability and skills. Additionally, a bar viewing platform with various food offerings is also going to be developed.

Recently the managing team announced that they have acquired a 3000 square meter venue in London with the goal of opening the experience on March 15, 2016. The tickets will cost £50 per person.

Besides showing that there is a great demand for immersive experiences, the project is a good example of how to use various design elements in order to create a memorable experience.

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